We wish to introduce ourselves as One of the registered Omani Local Community Company specialized in for Hoist workover activities. We can offer extraordinary value from a unique blend of complementary strength in Management and Technical Competence. We have hands on experience over 20 years in the field of drilling and workover operations

We are sure to achieve our business objectives through sustainable improvements in technology and driving down cost in the contract services delivery. Our approach and methodology is fully aligned with any International competitors with no compromise on Safety, Quality and Integrity.

BaOmar Oilfield Services Co. provides Workover Services consist of:

1- Pulling & running.
2- Clean out operation.
3- Killing well.
4- Conversion from single to selective completion.
5- Free flow to ESP conversions.
6- Free flowing to Beam Pump/ PCP conversions.
7- Pump upsize/downsize/replace failed ESP.
8- Plunger pumps repairs/ Beam Pump & PCP replacements.
9- Tubing replacement (integrity issue or upsize/downsize).
10- Cased, Wire Wraped Screens & Open-hole clean outs.
11- Pre & Post Rig entry. Well preparation and completion.
12- Casing integrity, remedial repair / Abandonment.
13- Water Supply wells (Clean out & Pump installations).
14- Fishing operation including milling.

BaOmar Oilfield Services Co. Workover units details are givin below:
S.N. Hoist HP Derrick Height Mast Weight Rating Crew
1 WPH-54 500 HP 115 ft 250,000 lbs 4
2 WPH-55 500 HP 115 ft 250,000 lbs 4
3 WPH-56 550 HP 110 ft 250,000 lbs 4
4 WPH-73 500 HP 115 ft 250,000 lbs 4
5 WPH-110 500 HP 115 ft 250,000 lbs 4
6 WPH-10 550 HP 112 ft 300,000 lbs 4