It is the policy of BaOmar Oilfield Services Co. to conduct its activities in such a way to take foremost account of the health and safety of its employees, the public in general and to give proper regard to the conservation of the environment. In implementing this policy BaOmar Oilfield Services Co. not only comply with the requirements of the relevant legislation, but promoting in an appropriate manner that measures for the protection of the Health, Safety for all who may be affected directly or indirectly by its activities

In following this policy BaOmar Oilfield Services Co shall conduct its activities in a manner which:

1- Protects the health and safety of its employees and all others that may be affected by its activities;

2- Protects the environment, encourages recycling, minimizes waste and pollution and seeks to reduce the consumption of unsustainable natural resources.

To achieve this, BaOmar Oilfield Services Co. shall:

1- Deliver compliance with the applicable Laws, Decrees and Statutes of the Sultanate of Oman and respect its citizens, culture and customs.

2- Deliver compliance with the HSE regulations, standards and procedures that are defined within the Contracts and the integral Conditions.

3- Where appropriate, seek to apply higher standards in order to achieve parity with best practice developments within the industry.

BaOmar Oilfield Services Co. will pursue the objectives and spirit of this policy through:

1- Visible and proactive management commitment.

2- Commitment, involvement and co-operation of all employees and subcontractors.

3- Effective training, motivation and communication programmes.

4- The maintenance of realistic, measurable and progressive HSE targets and objectives.

BaOmar Oilfield Services Co. is committed to provide our customers with a high quality service on time and on budget ensuring that a greater integrity will be maintained in our area of business pertaining to

1- Workover Rigs Operation
2- Wire Line Services
3- Well Head Maintenance
4- Well Services

We intend to achieve this by:

1- Clearly defining processes, systems and quality objectives that are continuously improved to exceed organizational and customer needs and expectations.

2- Always take a win - win and long term partnership approach while honoring our obligations to our customers.

3- Creating an environment for people for working efficiently to ensure total customer satisfaction ensuring development of our people for their capabilities and competence.

4- Allowing the Company to prosper and grow as a business to ensure continued service to customers. Ensure providing fair value for money to our customers and fair returns to our shareholders.